"A just society that would be created through a workforce organized under one flag, where human democratic and labour rights will be protected without any, race, gender, religious or party political discrimination"


Organizing workers attached to trading and commercial industries within zones known as free trade zones, industrial promotion zones, industrial states etc. and similar industries elsewhere and other establishments in any effective manner

Regularize relationships between members of the union, members of the union and their employers and members of the union and other trade unions

Oppose racial, religious, political, sexual, oppressions and social pressure and support people in their effort to express their protest against injustices

Intervene to redress all effects to violate and deny human and democratic rights of workers and, other oppressed sections of the community

Create awareness amongst workers about economic, social and political matters, that have an impact on workers and the working class, and about their rights and responsibilities and provide the training necessary to protect and develop human, democratic and labor rights

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